About Our Club
In the early days of the late 1940’s the dog enthusiasts around Saskatoon started a sporting dog club, with Springers, Setters, Cockers and Labradors, all working together to train for hunting conditions. Later they separated into their own clubs to accommodate the style of training that was required for their breed.

The Saskatoon Retriever Club was conceived!  The membership consisted of Pat Randall, Martin West, Pitt Graham, Phil Ellison and Frank Sommers. They organized and held an unlicensed picnic trial in 1950, held an unsanctioned trial in 1951 and the first recognized trial in 1952. The Club has held a Recognized Field Trial every year since that date. The first National Open Stake for Retrievers and Irish Water Spaniels held in Saskatchewan was organized by the Club in 1962, as well as a National Open Championship  Stake in 1973, 1985 and 2016, with a National Amateur Championship Stake in 1993, 2001 and 2005 .  We have also hosted the Canadian National Master Retriever Championships in the years 2008, 2014 and tentatively will host again in 2023.

In 1975 the Club purchased eighty acres of land – financing the deal with loans from the members at interest of 4% – which was all paid back.  In 1985 one hundred and fifty acres was purchased and this is where the present Clubhouse stands. This land has been improved with mounds, trees, spits, islands, electrical sites for camping and a lovely clubhouse. This development is recognized as one of the best training and trialing grounds to be found in North America.

On December 14th, 2005 the Saskatoon Retriever Club purchased a quarter section of land one kilometer east and one kilometer south of the current club grounds. This quarter section is beautiful retriever training grounds and is seeded into native grasses to enhance not only retriever training but wildlife at large. This is known as the Lost River land. The club also sold what was known as the Old Club grounds (which was the original grounds) to Ducks Unlimited to enhance their projects.

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